Why We’re Here

Our experience working with vulnerable children has shown us that current choices in education provision aren’t adequately meeting the needs of those who struggle to fit into mainstream education. It’s also something we hear again and again from the families we work with.

We’ve come to understand difficult childhood experiences are a major factor in limiting a child’s educational, emotional, and social development. We want to provide a positive, nurturing school environment and deliver a unique therapeutic educational approach that will help children overcome their barriers to learning.

How We Can Help

We offer full and part-time placements for children who do not fit into existing educational provision. Children may be referred by the Local Education Authority or by their school, and following an assessment by our multi-disciplinary team we will create a learning package that best suits the needs of the child.

Our schools combine a special school ethos and alternative provision, giving our students a personalised learning experience that meets their social, emotional, and educational needs.

Therapeutic Education

Our schools offer more than just special educational provision. Each student has their individual needs assessed and is provided with their own personalised programme, which is tracked to ensure it is supporting them in overcoming barriers to their education. All our core teaching staff are fully trained and experienced teachers who have had additional therapeutic training and experience.

The multi-disciplinary team also work closely with teaching and support staff, as well as students themselves, to ensure that individual barriers to learning as well as emotional needs are being met. The team consists of specialists in neuroscience, psychology, speech and language therapy, child development and other key areas.

A Curriculum For Success

We recognise that each person learns differently, so our therapeutic education environment draws on current theories in child development, neuroscience, and learning with best practices in education to give each child the education they need.

Our aim to ensure each student reaches and outstanding level of education relative to their abilities and starting points. On of our guiding principles is to tailor a child’s strengths to encourage them in their growth and learning. You can find out more about our curriculum here.