A Tailored Approach To Education

Each student comes to us with a unique set of abilities and challenges, and at a different starting point. Our ethos is centred on helping students achieve an outstanding level of education based on their individual situation. This means we heavily tailor each child’s curriculum.

At KS1, 2, and 3 we use a place-based thematic skills-based approach to teach concepts in languages, Arts, Maths, Science, and other subjects across the curriculum. At KS4 we move towards a core of English, Maths, and ICT with each student having a personalised timetable to work towards qualifications that will support them in accessing further education or transitioning into work.

How We Work

Our curriculum is built on four interconnected areas that provide the kind of structured and nurturing educational environment our students need.

  • Learning Principles – By applying the principles of ‘Being The Best We Can Be’ and ‘Having Fun, Being Challenged And Inspired’ each learning opportunity enriches and supports our students.
  • Learning Dispositions – These are the skills and attitudes that relate to a student’s character around learning. By living these dispositions students can develop the behaviours to turn any challenge into a positive outcome.
  • Dimensions of Learning – We have eight dimensions of learning that are designed to support a student’s talents to emerge and be nourished.
  • Content and Skills Learning – Students learn subject-based knowledge and skills across a broad range of topics, with English, Maths, Science, and ICT as a core. Each subject is explored with appropriate scaffolding to remove barriers to learning and success.

Understanding Our Curriculum